Promote Your Posture


A healthy posture ensures that your alignment will continue to support you on your lifelong journey to physical wellbeing.

Exercises for your posture and mindfulness during your day-to-day work and home life will ensure that you maintain your long-term back health. It’s so important that at Kamalaya Koh Samui Wellness Sanctuary & Holistic Spa we have entire programs dedicated to practices such as yoga, acupuncture and massage therapy – all designed to help restore your optimum stance.

These are some simple day-to-day practices that you can follow to instantly improve your posture:

Practice for the car
Whether you’re a regular driver or passenger, consider investing in the same level of posture supporting equipment as you do for the office. Cushions, backrests and more can alleviate a lot of pressure on your back.

Prolonged periods of time sat in the same position can wreak havoc on the posture, so try to allocate time for stretch breaks. If you’re a passenger in a train, plane or other vehicle, try to stand regularly and do in-seat stretches.

As a driver, take the time to research what position you should be in to operate the pedals and wheel. Often what we believe to be the best position may cause adverse impact to posture building efforts.

Practice for the office
Whether you are office based or work from home, ensure that your surroundings are fully ergonomically optimised.

From your screen height and mouse support to your chair comfort and foot stool requirements – investing in this now will provide endless future benefits for your posture.

Take regular breaks to stretch and walk around. You’ll benefit from a more in-depth stretching session at the start and end of your day as this will warm up and cool down the back muscles ahead of intense desk work.

If you enjoy a regular change of scenery with your laptop, make sure you’re sat comfortably as frequently as possible. Use a two strapped laptop bag that sits on your back rather than one shoulder strap that causes misalignment after prolonged use.

Holistic Fitness
Allow enough time either side of your workout to warm up and cool down the muscles – even for moderate exercise.

It’s also important that the movements you make during exercise follow professional guidance. Doing swats in the wrong way repetitively for example can wreak havoc on posture and it has the potential to cause lasting negative impact and repetitive strain.

At Kamalaya we support back and posture health with synergistic yoga and personalised holistic fitness programs and most can be enjoyed in dedicated yoga areas at our beautiful retreat in Koh Samui. Yoga helps eliminate body aches, improves sleep, self-confidence and it promotes a sense of calm and it’s one of our guests’ favourite things to do.

Wind down slowly
It’s tempting to delve straight into relaxation mode and hit the sofa or the bed after a hard day at work or play. But take five or ten minutes to wind down slowly with session of stretching and you’ll see the benefits for your posture almost instantly.

Sleep well
If you are getting the adequate amount of sleep per night, you’re likely spending approximately eight hours of the day in one spot. We recommend that you invest in a good quality pillow that suits your posture and a mattress that supports healthy alignment and posture during your sleep.

Also consider some gentle stretching or using a foam roller to massage your muscles before you go to bed. This will induce a profound state of relaxation in your muscles that will enable deep sleep.

Find out more about some of the programs at Kamalaya Koh Samui designed to support your physical wellness goals.


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