Microbiome – The Essential Details


Your gut health plays a crucial role in digestion, absorbing nutrients and maintaining your health. In other words, if you have an imbalanced gut and a dysfunctional immune system, your serotonin and hormones are out of sync, and making healthier choices can be more challenging.

Bacteria, viruses, fungi and other microscopic organisms are called microorganisms or microbes. Our bodies contain millions of microbes, and many of these are found inside the intestines and on the skin. The microbes in the large intestine are known as the microbiome.

A human microbiome contains up to 1,000 species of bacteria, each of which plays a unique role in the body. Roughly 1–2 kg of microbes, weighing more than the brain, perform tremendous work in your body, serving as an extra organ.

Babies are born with some microbes present in their system, and as we grow older, our gut microbiome diversifies. Throughout our lives, many factors affect the quality and variety of bacteria in our guts, including the food that we eat.

In addition to removing metabolic waste, your gut also eliminates toxins and build-up, so when it’s not functioning at its best, it makes it harder for your body to eliminate those toxins. This can lead to chronic fatigue, illnesses and inflammation all over the body. Other symptoms include lack of concentration, diarrhoea, constipation, gas and joint pain due to high blood sugar levels. There is a direct relationship between the brain and the gut, and a healthy gut ensures that the brain is functioning optimally.

Kamalaya Wellness Sanctuary & Holistic Spa sets the stage for a truly personalised wholebeing experience with the Enriched Gut wellness program.

Designed to kick-start your journey to lifelong wellness, the program includes a holistic wellness consultation and nutritional guidance as well as Traditional Chinese Medicine sessions with herbal supplements and remedies. Integrative therapies include Body Bio-Impedance Analysis, Abdominal Organ Therapy, Bioresonance Therapy, IV Vitamin Infusion and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.

Physical wellbeing activities incorporate Pranayama and a private yoga session, whilst a selection of specially designed therapies for supporting gut health include a Lanna Abdominal Samunphrai Ron massage, Traditional Thai Therapeutic treatment, Kati Vasti, a Marma Point massage and a Chi Nei Tsang with Ruby Treasure Oil treatment and more.

Find out more and how to book your Enriched Gut experience at Kamalaya here.


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These sessions provide an opportunity to discuss any wellness concerns, as well as review your health goals, medical conditions and reports in complete confidence.

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45 minutes


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