Bach Flower Remedies and Their Uses


Harnessing the emotional healing properties of flowers originated in ancient Egypt and then more recently made popular by Dr Edward Bach’s discoveries in the 1930s.

Dr Bach observed that many physical ailments could stem from imbalances in our emotional and mental state, so to address them, he developed a system of 38 healing remedies – each crafted from wildflowers, blossoms and plants to offer a gentle yet potent approach to healing and emotional wellness.

The essence of these flowers is extracted by infusing them in water under sunlight or moonlight, capturing their vitality and energy. The efficacy comes from their ability to treat the individual’s emotions rather than the disease or physical symptoms.

There’s a fundamental difference between Bach Flower Essences and those of essential oils. While both are derived from plants and provide essential healing properties, they undergo different extraction methods and serve distinct purposes. Flower essences address mental and emotional roots, while essential oils tend to target physical ailments.

Bach Flower Remedies are versatile and safe for use by everyone, including children, the elderly, animals and plants. They help to effectively manage stress, anxiety, fear, grief and other emotional challenges and are taken orally as drops or mixed in a glass of water.

Some of Kamalaya’s recommended Bach flowers include Rock Rose, Mimulus and Cherry Plum, and Agrimony. Each provides healing properties individually or can be formulated into a bespoke or pre-made concoction, like Rescue Remedy.

Rock Rose
Helpful for extreme fear or panic, especially when facing situations like phobias, nightmaresor sudden distress.

Ideal for addressing known fears such as fear of specific things like spiders, darkness or public speaking. It provides the courage to confront and overcome these fears.

Cherry Plum
Useful for managing feelings of desperation or fear of losing control. It aids in maintaining mental stability during moments of intense emotional turmoil.

Beneficial for those who often hide their inner turmoil behind a cheerful facade. It helps promote honesty with oneself and the ability to confront and resolve emotional issues.

Rescue Remedy (five-flower formula)
This blend is widely used for acute situations – such as moments of shock, trauma or intense stress. It helps restore calmness and emotional balance during times of crisis. It contains the flower remedies of Clematis, Impatiens, Star of Bethlehem, Rock Rose and Cherry Plum.

To help boost mental and spiritual health, consider the Resilience & Immunity wellness program at Kamalaya Koh Samui Wellness Sanctuary & Holistic Spa. It’s designed to identify and strengthen potential areas of immune weakness, discover foods to support the immune system, and promote a calm and balanced mindset. The retreat employs a holistic approach addressing physical, mental and emotional wellbeing with Bach flower remedies, nutritional guidance, mindfulness training, meditation and bio-resonance therapy, fostering a sense of robustness and fortitude amidst life’s uncertainties.


with Kamalaya
Embark on a journey of self discovery as you work with our Life Enhancement Mentors to explore your inner life and emotional patterns.


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