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Journaling for Wellness

Journaling is a therapeutic exercise that connects you with your inner self and promotes mental and physical health – it’s a powerful tool recommended by mental health practitioners globally.

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Benefits of Journaling

Journaling is the practice of keeping a regular written record of your thoughts, feelings, experiences and reflections – typically in a journal or diary either on paper or electronically.

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Manifest the Life you want

At Kamalaya Koh Samui Wellness Sanctuary & Holistic Spa, we understand the profound impact of gratitude on the manifestation process and how gratitude can transform your life.

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How to Sleep Better

Quality sleep is the cornerstone of overall wellbeing, yet many of us don’t prioritise it and often let sleep disturbances take a toll on our physical and mental health.

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Why Do We Sleep

Sleep is also the time when your body focuses on cellular repair and regeneration. Muscles are repaired, proteins are synthesised, tissues grow and hormones are released.

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Sleep in a Modern World

It is said that we spend about a third of our lives sleeping, or trying to sleep. Many of us have had short periods when sleep has eluded us and some of us have had longer term sleep difficulties, which can become chronic.

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Cancer Screening

Cancer screening is one of the most valuable investments that we can make on our journey to holistic health and longevity. Early detection not only increases the likelihood of recovery, but it also provides greater insight into the personal, genetical and environmental factors that increase the likelihood of cancer, therefore helping you to make more informed lifestyle choices.

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Holistic Strategies to Help Reduce Cancer

While our vulnerability to cancer is partly rooted in genetics, a substantial body of evidence suggests that by making strategic lifestyle choices, we can markedly reduce cancer risks. Longevity can be achieved by adopting positive habits like a nourishing diet, regular exercise and sleep, as well as by reducing negative practices – like smoking and drinking alcohol.

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