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Dr Aseem Malhotra

Dr Aseem Malhotra, a world-renowned cardiologist from the United Kingdom who is transforming cardiovascular health through preventive cardiology and lifestyle interventions.

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Dr. Daniel Friedland

Dr. Daniel Friedland, a former guest, brings a wealth of experience and science-based knowledge to help leaders and their organisations optimise health and, in turn, productivity.

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Philippe Joubert

For the first Kamalaya Conversation we hosted our repeat guest Philippe Joubert, a global business leader focused on building sustainability into the heart of business strategies to enable long-term growth.

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Sandro Lane

Sandro Lane, the creator of one of the US’s best-known and only cold-pressed and extra-virgin fish oil supplement in the world.

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Florence Williams

Florence Williams, a Washington D.C.-based journalist who has authored books including, The Nature Fix: Why Nature makes us Happier, Healthier and more Creative.

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