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Build the foundation for sustainable weight balance through respect and nourishment of the body rather than depletion or deprivation. Our experts in fitness, nutrition and Traditional Chinese Medicine will provide insight to your unique barriers to weight loss and restore balance so that your body achieves its natural optimal weight as a reflection of systemic health. Carefully selected massage treatments support digestive organs and calm the nervous system. Make the journey to your ideal weight enjoyable and empowering.

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FOR 7, 9 OR 14 DAYS

All our wellness programs come with the below standard inclusions:
*These rates are valid until 31st March 2023 only.

PACKAGE PRICE (THB) 103,621 131,506 196,110
Wellness Program Progress Review 1 1 1
Body Bio-impedance Analysis (BIA) 1 1 1
Holistic Fitness Evaluation (60 mins) 1 1 1
Nutritional Guidance (60 mins) 1 1 1
Traditional Chinese Medicine (75 mins) 1 1 1
Traditional Asian Foot Massage with Herbal Foot Soak (90 mins) 1 1 1
Personal Training Session (60 mins) 3 4 5
Traditional Chinese Medicine (60 mins) 1 2 3
Far Infrared Sauna (30 mins) 6 7 12
Chi Nei Tsang (60 mins) 3 3 5
Oriental Detoxifying Scrub and Wrap (75 mins) 1 1 1
Lymphatic Drainage Therapy (90 mins) 1 2 2
Aqua Fitness with Physiotherapist (60 mins) 0 1 1
Myofascial Release Therapy (60 mins) 0 0 1
Vital Essence Oil Massage (90 mins) 0 0 1
Indian Head Massage (60 mins) 0 0 1
Radiance Facial (75 mins) 0 0 1
Mid-Wellness Program follow-up 0 1 1

THB 103,621

  • Wellness Program Progress Review
  • Body Bio-impedance Analysis (BIA)
  • Holistic Fitness Evaluation (60 mins)
  • Nutritional Guidance (60 mins)
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine (75 mins)
  • Traditional Asian Foot Massage with Herbal Foot Soak (90 mins)
  • Personal Training Session (60 mins) x 3
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine (60 mins)
  • Far Infrared Sauna (30 mins) x 6
  • Chi Nei Tsang (60 mins) x 3
  • Oriental Detoxifying Scrub and Wrap (75 mins)
  • Lymphatic Drainage Therapy (90 mins)

THB 131,506

  • Wellness Program Progress Review
  • Body Bio-impedance Analysis (BIA)
  • Holistic Fitness Evaluation (60 mins)
  • Nutritional Guidance (60 mins)
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine (75 mins)
  • Traditional Asian Foot Massage with Herbal Foot Soak (90 mins)
  • Personal Training Session (60 mins) x 4
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine (60 mins) x 2
  • Far Infrared Sauna (30 mins) x 7
  • Chi Nei Tsang (60 mins) x 3
  • Oriental Detoxifying Scrub and Wrap (75 mins)
  • Lymphatic Drainage Therapy (90 mins) x 2
  • Aqua Fitness with Physiotherapist (60 mins)
  • Mid-Wellness Program follow-up

THB 196,110

  • Wellness Program Progress Review
  • Body Bio-impedance Analysis (BIA)
  • Holistic Fitness Evaluation (60 mins)
  • Nutritional Guidance (60 mins)
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine (75 mins)
  • Traditional Asian Foot Massage with Herbal Foot Soak (90 mins)
  • Personal Training Session (60 mins) x 5
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine (60 mins) x 3
  • Far Infrared Sauna (30 mins) x 12
  • Chi Nei Tsang (60 mins) x 5
  • Oriental Detoxifying Scrub and Wrap (75 mins)
  • Lymphatic Drainage Therapy (90 mins) x 2
  • Aqua Fitness with Physiotherapist (60 mins)
  • Myofascial Release Therapy (60 mins)
  • Vital Essence Oil Massage (90 mins)
  • Indian Head Massage (60 mins)
  • Radiance Facial (75 mins)
  • Mid-Wellness Program follow-up

For bookings from 1 April 2023 to 30 March 2024, please contact our reservations team at reservations@kamalaya.com

For wellness program inclusions and information, you may download the 1 April – 30 March 2024 wellness program guide here.

Begin your journey by selecting your room and dates first

This wellness program is supported by comprehensive pre-arrival functional health assessments, for bookings and more information please click here.


BIA is a method of measuring several key health markers including levels of hydration, the ratio of body fat against lean muscle mass, and cellular vitality. This helps to determine a realistic measure of your health and wellbeing. This information is useful for setting goals for weight management and fitness, and for making appropriate recommendations to achieve a better body balance to improve overall health and prevent illness. Body Bioimpedance Analysis gives valuable information on cellular health, metabolism and toxicity to help create naturopathic, nutrition, or exercise programs suited to your individual needs.

Healthy eating is an integral part of Naturopathy. The Naturopath will discuss your nutritional goals and look at current dietary patterns. Beneficial for people who already follow a ‘healthy diet’ as well as those who have little or no nutritional knowledge, this session gives plenty of easy to implement take- home advice and takes an educational look at how foods work in the body. Individualised nutritional advice will be provided for any specific health conditions. Kamalaya emphasises wholesome food, as dietary habits play an important role in preventative and curative aspects of health. Nutrition plays a major role in restoring and maintaining health by supplying necessary nutrients to body cells for energy production, tissue repair, hormone production and proper organ function.

Our Personal Fitness Trainers are available to help guide, motivate and inspire you to reach your fitness goals and provide professional training advice during your stay.

Chi Nei Tsang is excellent for a diversity of health imbalances from digestive problems to nervous tension and stress. It promotes circulation and therefore health of the internal organs, while also balancing the nervous system to release stress and facilitate healing. Based on the Taoist theory that refers to the ‘gut’ as a ‘second brain’, this treatment releases stored emotional and psychological tension and stress thereby promoting healing on an emotional level. A series of treatments is most beneficial. Chi Nei Tsang is especially recommended for all detoxification, stress release and weight balancing programs.

Oriental herbs are used to gently exfoliate the body in order to improve overall circulation. This is followed by an invigorating body wrap using Thai White Mud, which has long been used by Thai women for cleansing and brightening the skin. The addition of aromatic Thai herbs, each specially selected for its beauty and health-enhancing properties, warms and stimulates the body to enhance circulation. This treatment is recommended for water retention, sluggish circulation, muscular problems and detoxification.

This is a great way to tone the muscles using the resistance of the water. Your instructor will take you through a series of fun exercises that are suitable for your fitness levels. Please don’t forget your sunscreen, sunglasses and headgear.

Kamalaya’s unique Vital Essence Oil Massage combines Asian knowledge of energy principles with the science of aromatherapy to create the perfect synergy between East and West. This magical and harmonising experience is a simple and effective way to let go of tensions, improve your health, balance your emotions and enhance your life. One of our Five Element essential oils will be selected to suit your body’s constitution: Water, Wood (Air), Fire, Earth, and Metal (Ether).

Based on the ancient healing system of Ayurveda, this massage treatment is received in a seated position to relieve tension and blockages from your shoulders, neck, back and scalp. Using deep thumb and finger pressure, you will experience improved circulation to the head, the release of emotional and physical tension, and an enhanced state of relaxation and mental clarity.

A personal health & fitness evaluation can provide valuable feedback to help you set and define your wellness goals. One of our fitness professionals will measure your aerobic capacity, flexibility, balance and other key holistic fitness markers. This important data helps us provide you with a personalised program that ensures you gain the maximum benefit from your exercise and fitness sessions. The initial evaluation also includes a bespoke exercise prescription, so please wear suitable exercise attire.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is the contemporary version of China’s 3,000 year-old medical system originating in Taoist philosophy. This ancient healing tradition is based on the recognition that there is a natural energy that resonates with the rhythms and cycles of life to which we are all connected. It is a comprehensive theoretical system based on the knowledge that vibrant health on all levels is the direct manifestation of a life lived in harmony with the principles of nature. The cycles, rhythms, and principles of nature are thought to be fully expressed within the human body in the form of the Five Elements. Therapies and treatments used include well- established techniques such as acupuncture, herbal medicine, massage, nutrition, Qi Gong and forms of Chinese internal practices (breath, visualisation and movement) for cultivating Qi or vital energy and directing it towards the healing of self and others.

Kamalaya’s Asian Foot Massage with Herbal Soak is a nourishing treatment which begins with a warm foot soak infused with locally sourced fresh and dried herbs renowned for their therapeutic properties. These herbs help to reduce muscle tension & stress, induce better sleep, inhibit arthritis, reduce inflammation and improve overall blood circulation. To ensure optimum benefits, the water temperature in the foot bath is set as close to 43 degrees as is comfortable. This allows the warmth to gradually penetrate and move up the legs and deeper into the body, bringing with it a welcome sense of calm and rejuvenation. A traditional Asian Hand Massage is then performed to open the energy channels of the chest and related organs, as well as opening the lungs for deeper breathing and the release of accumulated stress and emotions. Following this, a Traditional Asian Foot Massage works on specific pressure points to systematically activate nerve reflexes, thereby stimulating all of the body’s organs and tissues to improve overall function and wellbeing.

Far Infrared Therapy provides deeply penetrating heat while maintaining a comfortable air temperature of 42-45 degrees Celsius. Use of the Far Infrared Sauna has many therapeutic benefits; it stimulates circulation and boosts immunity, increases metabolism and the burning of calories, and promotes detoxification to purify the body. It may also reduce heavy metal accumulation. Far Infrared Therapy deep-cleanses the skin, reduces cellulite, and slows down the ageing process because it promotes skin cell regeneration and unburdens the body of toxins. Various skin conditions may be treated and joint or muscular inflammation reduced. The Far Infrared Sauna promotes deep muscle relaxation to banish tension and stress and a feeling of wellbeing is achieved. Please arrive at Wellness Reception with sufficient time before this treatment to drink the necessary water for hydration purposes. The cold plunge pool should be avoided immediately after this treatment.

This is a detoxifying treatment, using gentle rhythmic strokes and soft pumping movements to encourage the movement of lymphatic fluid without the firm pressure techniques of a regular massage. The lymphatic system acts as a transportation network for the immune system and also as a filter for harmful toxins. By encouraging the movement of lymph fluid to localised lymph nodes your body is supported in efficiently eliminating waste products. Lymphatic drainage may be particularly beneficial in addressing water retention, detoxification and weight loss. This gentle and soothing treatment is also recommended to calm the nervous system and restore sleep. For maximum benefits, two or more treatments are recommended.

Myofascial Release Therapy focuses on releasing muscular shortness and tightness by using therapeutic massage and pressure point techniques on the thin layer of connective tissue or ‘fascia’ located beneath the skin. The role of fascia within the body is to attach, stabilize, cover and separate our muscles and other internal organs. Inflammation, trauma, surgical procedures and structural imbalances can create restrictions in this connective tissue leading to pain and reduced motion. Myofascial Release Therapy is an effective treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome and can also be used to address ongoing back, shoulder and hip pain as well as other affected areas that contain soft tissue.

We will take your skin on a journey of total renewal. Experience deep relaxation as you enjoy aromatic warm facial compresses that soften and exfoliate followed by a nurturing face mask, rich in herbal extracts to purify and hydrate the skin. This facial experience is tailored to your skin’s needs and is enhanced with the addition of a Facial Massage. The luxurious Plants Essence Synergies will leave your skin feeling revitalised and refreshed.


Please note that Kamalaya’s wellness programs have been designed to help you reach your health goals in the most effective way. Any changes made to your program may compromise the efficacy of the program and the overall result.

  • After check in, guests wishing to change or eliminate specific treatments in confirmed packages may do so subject to availability of the therapy they wish to substitute.
  • All Kamalaya Wellness packages carry a built-in 20% discount on wellness and food and beverage services. Therefore cancellation of any packaged therapies will be credited at 80% of the normal retail price.
  • Treatments selected in substitution will be charged at full retail rate against which any credits can be applied.
  • Credits against cancelled treatments may only be used towards the purchase of treatments offered on the Wellness Sanctuary & Holistic Spa treatment menu. These credits may not be used towards sessions with Visiting Practitioners, food and beverage, accommodation, purchases in the resort’s retail shop or any incidental costs such as laundry services etc.
  • In the case of a contra-indication whereby Kamalaya’s health practitioners advise against a certain treatment included in the wellness package a credit of 80% will apply.
  • Any cancelled treatments that are later re-instated into the package will be charged at 100%.
  • Any unused credit from cancelling package treatments is non-refundable and non-transferable if left un-used by the end of the stay.