As with any illness or disease, prevention is better than cure. Finding cancer early results in more treatment options which ultimately improves healing outcomes and survival. At Kamalaya, we are passionate about supporting our guests on their path to lifelong wellness, thus longevity treatments and therapies are fundamentally essential to our wellness offering.

High-Sensitivity Preventive Cancer Screening is crucial in uncovering the disease before cancer has developed or before symptoms have appeared. Based on the valuable insights from the results, Kamalaya can curate a bespoke wellness program for guests as per their health and wellness requirements. Take a simple blood test that detects cancer early enough to make a difference.


Before cancer develops, there are some early warning signs such as cell proliferation and disordered apoptosis (cell death). When cell proliferation occurs, certain tumour markers accumulate in the cells such as Apo10 and TKTL1. This process is common to all solid tumours, which allows the High-Sensitivity Preventive Cancer Screening to cover multiple organs for tumours in a single test.

Blood samples are collected by one of our caring nurses. Results may take up to seven days, following which, Kamalaya’s in-house medical doctor reviews the results with the guest during an in-depth consultation. In addition to testing already-formed tumours, the tests can also detect if a person is in a high-risk or pre-cancerous state.

In the pre-cancerous state, the immune system is mobilised against abnormal cell growth to prevent a solid cancerous tumour from forming. It is very valuable to identify this state within the body as it provides an opportunity to lower cancer risk factors and strengthen the immune system as a preventative measure. Our team of wellness experts at Kamalaya can support you with this. Customised treatments and healing therapies from Kamalaya’s functional medicine offering can be tailored for guests to enhance their lifestyle and increase longevity.


Known as the ‘anti-ageing molecule’ because of the many roles it plays in promoting health and prolonging lifespan, the key component of this infusion is NADH (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide). Present in all living cells, its therapeutic benefits are potent and far-reaching. This infusion targets body and brain function decline, while assisting with muscle regeneration alongside an athletic training program. Additional benefits include improved focus, memory and mental clarity. With its ability to protect and repair DNA, this is the ultimate all-around anti-ageing infusion.

This IV drip is recommended as an accompaniment to a meditation practice, to support work requiring concentration and focus, or recovering wear and tear on the body.


This potent blend helps the body to metabolise carbohydrates, proteins and fats, allowing the energy stored in food to be used more efficiently, supporting a healthy, balanced body weight. The B-complex vitamins in this infusion are vital in energy production, helping to restore a feeling of deep vitality while supporting a healthy nervous system.

This IV drip is recommended for supporting an Ideal Weight program, improving energy levels, reducing fatigue, and supporting a healthy cardiovascular system.


Give your circadian rhythm a reset while reducing symptoms of tiredness and fatigue with this soothing and balancing therapy. Alleviate the unfavourable effects of stress, reduce anxiety and restore a sense of calm to your body and mind.

This IV drip is recommended for regulating the sleep cycle, reducing headaches, and for recovering from stress.


Bursting with skin-loving antioxidants this blend enhances radiant luminosity, reduces fine lines and wrinkles leaving skin supple. The complexion is brightened as you glow from the inside out. As well as instant results, this treatment also helps to slow the skin ageing process.

This IV drip is recommended for skin repair and renewal, brightening the complexion, improving skin texture and reducing inflammation.


This immune-boosting blend enhances the body’s natural resilience and acts as a preventative intervention against falling ill. By encouraging the production of white blood cells to protect against infections and reduce acidity in the body to provide potently antioxidant support, this infusion reduces the duration and severity of illnesses and reduces the duration time for healing injuries and wounds.

This IV drip is recommended for recovering from injury or illness, enhancing immunity when the body is depleted, and for protection from oxidative stress.


This treatment enhances the body’s natural detoxification processes and restores health to liver tissue after exposure to medications, drugs, alcohol and environmental toxins. Infused with potent antioxidants to reduce the side effects of exposure to toxins, this blend provides relief from symptoms associated with the detoxification process. This

deeply rejuvenating therapy elevates energy levels and wellbeing.

This IV drip is recommended for enhancing the effects of a detoxification protocol, reducing cravings and addictions, and reducing oxidative stress.


Strengthen your structural strength with this infusion designed to support optimal physical performance. This blend enhances healthy neuromuscular functioning, bone density, and cell metabolism. Antioxidant support will speed recovery time between training sessions and help the body to recover from injury.

This IV drip is recommended for enhancing an exercise program, supporting strong bones and muscles and improving blood circulation.


To offer this life-changing service, Kamalaya has partnered with RV Lab in Thailand, a leading cancer screening provider in the country. Together our goal is to screen as many people as possible for tumours and cancer. With screening from the initial stages with the RV Lab, we believe that our guests will have higher chances of recovery or can be treated completely.

Blood will be drawn on-site at Kamalaya, and you will receive your results within five to seven days. Following this, you will have a post-assessment consultation with our medical doctor who will explain your test results. You will receive support directing you to the best next steps according to your results. If your results are positive, further testing will be required to identify the location of the abnormal cell growth.

This High-Sensitivity Preventive Cancer Screening only scans for solid tumours, other forms of cancer such as leukaemia (cancer of the blood) or myeloma (cancer of the bone) will not be detected. The test works with 97.5% accuracy. However, there is a small chance of false positive and false negative results.

Annual cancer screening is a valuable investment in one’s health, and this is of additional importance for anyone in a high-risk category.