Reduce PMS symptoms


The use of TCM has been renowned to support multiple health functions along the journey to wellbeing and its benefits have been known to support women through the stages of the menstrual cycle, especially aiding in reducing symptoms of PMS.

PMS is a hormonal imbalance that takes place in the lead-up to the period. Symptoms include mood swings (feeling upset, anxious or irritable), tiredness or trouble sleeping. We can also experience bloating, breast tenderness, stomach pain and constipation. Other symptoms include cravings for sweet, savoury and oily food.

To support your whole being health, the TCM experts at Kamalaya Wellness Sanctuary have rounded up some tips to help you reconnect to your essential self and help to avoid the symptoms of PMS altogether, as well as to alleviate them if they do occur.

Keep track of your cycle
If prepared for ‘that time of the month’ with positive wellbeing practices, you can almost eliminate symptoms of PMS – something that TCM practitioners regard can be cured.

By keeping track of your cycle, you can plan in advance what to eat, how to manage your calendar and how to get some self-care time in to help rejuvenate your mind, body and soul.

Nourish from within
What we eat and drink during our cycle plays a big role in the symptoms we experience during PMS. The Kamalaya TCM experts advise that we should avoid high-sugar foods to prevent inflammation, and incorporate anti-inflammatory herbs such as ginger, turmeric and omega-3 oils in the form of fatty fish or supplements.

They also advise that during this time we should refrain from eating raw salads, raw foods, cold beverages and ice cream. They tend to block the flow and circulation of energy in the organs and create stagnation which can lead to those cramping pains and other PMS symptoms.

Other foods to incorporate include organic chicken, beef, lamb and some types of fish, warming spices that help digestion like ginger and cardamon. Soup warms up the body andcan help digestion, especially chicken soup with carrots, celery, onions and ginger as it is wholesome and contains all the hormone-balancing ingredients. A recommended drink is a blend of ginger and cinnamon tea.

For healthy recipes, click here for some of Kamalaya’s favourites.

Find your best stress-coping methods
Since PMS is a result of hormonal imbalances, it’s likely that our emotions during this time will go up and down from one extreme to another.

TCM practitioners advise that stress can worsen symptoms since it blocks our flow of energy and heightens already elevated emotions. The best thing to do when you experience stress or anxiety is to centre yourself with breathing or calming techniques that work well for you.

Acknowledging emotional comfort when it comes, then following this technique enables you to keep your energy flowing and emotions balanced. Meditation also helps to reduce stress and feelings of anxiety.

Don’t over-exert yourself
When you are pre-menstruating, don’t over-exert yourself whether it’s in the gym, at work or at home. Plan life at a slower pace during this time and engage in gentler exercises such as yoga to boost your energy flow, which is important in TCM, and to help relieve some of the cramps associated with PMS.

Try to block some ‘me time’ when you expect to experience PMS (coming back to the first tip about planning). Spend time in a quiet space, immerse yourself in nature and engage in some self-care practices by doing things that you love and that bring you joy. Things like a massage or pampering treatments boost our feelings of self-esteem.

Try to sleep early, excuse yourself from unimportant social commitments and put yourself first.

Keep warm
TCM insists that it is important to keep your feet warm to avoid PMS – with an interesting reason why. You shouldn’t walk around barefoot on cold floors because there’s an important kidney point at the sole of the foot that leads to our adrenal glands, this, in turn, impacts our reproductive system which can lead to stagnation and blockages of the flow of energy, leading to symptoms of PMS such as cramps.

It’s also important to keep the body warm by dressing appropriately and not exposing the back, abdomen and pelvic area. Take warm baths at night, soaking for 20-30 minutes, specifically just above the belly button and down to the feet which helps to invigorate the blood circulation in the pelvic area, preventing PMS cramps.

Get TCM support
Invest in your whole being health with professional wellbeing support. Acupuncture is a popular method of relief promoted by TCM instructors. Likewise, Kamalaya’ s Asian Bliss wellness retreat in Thailand provides all the essentials and an entire wellness itinerary. It’sback-to-back with experiences designed to promote hormonal balance through TCM practices and proven techniques that come from centuries of Asian expertise.

TCM practitioners explain that it’s not normal and not healthy to have PMS and that it is treatable. Usually, it’s an indicator that our hormones are imbalanced. By taking measures to prevent it and investing in your personal vitality, you’ll rediscover enhanced feelings of wellbeing and essentially more balance and the sensation of being centred from within.

Find out more about Kamlaya’s Asian Bliss retreat and other programs to support your feminine wellbeing here.

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Blending the wisdom of traditional Thai massage, Ayurvedic treatments and Traditional Chinese Medicine, Asian Bliss program will restore your inner balance and bring you to a state of physical and mental harmony.

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Wenn es eine Synergie zwischen wissenschaftlichen und ganzheitlichen Ansätzen zum Wohlbefinden gibt, sind die Vorteile wirklich transformativ. Sie können auch unmittelbar eintreten, wie bei der intravenösen Therapie.

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Warum entgiften

Mit dem Wachstum der Weltbevölkerung hat die Anzahl der Schadstoffe in unserer Umwelt und unserer Ernährung dramatisch zugenommen.

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Emotionaler Stress

Checkliste, um sich weniger überwältigt zu fühlen

Stress kann sowohl psychische als auch physische Symptome verursachen. Die Auswirkungen von Stress sind für verschiedene Menschen unterschiedlich.

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Unterstützung bei Depressionen

Die Weltgesundheitsorganisation schätzt, dass weltweit etwa 121 Millionen Menschen an einer Form von Depression leiden.

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Gesundheit, Wellness & Yoga

Sie können Ihre Gesundheit und Ihr Wohlbefinden durch die Praxis des Yoga dramatisch verbessern.

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Fühlen Sie sich überwältigt?

Unser Spa-Retreat ist der perfekte Ort, um dem Druck zu entfliehen, wenn Sie sich überfordert fühlen. Wenn Sie jedoch schnell wieder die Kontrolle über eine Situation erlangen wollen, sollten Sie die folgenden 7 Schritte befolgen, die von den Wellness-Spezialisten des Kamalaya Koh Samui Wellness Sanctuary & Holistic Spa empfohlen werden.

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Patanjali (Devana-gari) ist der Kompilator des Yoga Sutra, ein Hauptwerk, das Aphorismen über die praktische und philosophische Weisheit bezüglich der Praxis des Raja Yoga enthält.

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Yoga Geschichte

Yoga wurde erstmals in den vedischen Shastras (religiöse Texte der Hindus) klar dargelegt. Diejenigen, die das Alter des Yoga auf viertausend Jahre schätzen, sehen die Geschichte des Yoga von diesem Punkt aus.

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Organisches Heilen

Ihr persönliches Wellness-Erlebnis beginnt in dem Moment, in dem Sie die ruhige Umgebung des Kamalaya Koh Samui Wellness Sanctuary & Holistic Spa betreten.

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Was bei Kamalaya im Trend liegt

Der preisgekrönte Fortschritt und der innovative Ansatz für Gesundheit und ganzheitliches Wohlbefinden, den wir erreicht haben, werden seit Jahren in den besten Wellness- und Spa-Magazinen der Welt gelobt.

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Entgiftungsnahrung in Thailand

Vorteile der Entgiftung

Dies sind die häufigsten Symptome, die durch eine Entgiftung gelindert werden.

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Wenn es eine Synergie zwischen wissenschaftlichen und ganzheitlichen Ansätzen zum Wohlbefinden gibt, sind die Vorteile wirklich transformativ. Sie können auch unmittelbar eintreten, wie bei der intravenösen Therapie.

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