Die Verwendung von Bachblüten zur Verbesserung des emotionalen Gleichgewichts


Was sind Bachblütenessenzen?

The use of Bach Flowers Essences is a natural and gentle method of healing and promotion of emotional wellness – a fundamental element in holistic wellbeing.

Flower essences work quickly and profoundly, addressing psychological, spiritual and physical states to bring about harmony. When emotional balance is restored by the flower essences, true healing can occur.

This system of healing was made popular by Dr Edward Bach in the 1930s, however, the discovery of the healing properties of flower essences dates back to ancient Egypt. There are many essences that are cultivated naturally from all corners of the world such as Bush Flowers from Australia, Findhorn Flower Essences from Scotland, Icelandic Flowers from Iceland and many more.

Through years of practice, Dr Bach observed that many physical ailments were a possible result of an imbalance in one’s mental and emotional state.

The essences work by treating the individual rather than the disease or physical symptoms. Addressing the energetic imbalance that lies beneath the psychical symptom will help bring about a state of harmony, enabling us to rediscover the positive sides of ourselves.

There are 38 healing remedies in a set and each essence is made from wildflowers, blossoms and plants that address different emotional states.  The vitality and energy of the flowers are extracted by infusing the blossoms in water under the sun or full moon for a period.

Leila Abachi, Naturopath at Kamalaya Koh Samui answers your most frequently asked questions:

Who can use Bach Flowers?
Flower essences can be used safely by everyone, this includes children, the elderly, animals and even plants. Only food-grade essence should be ingested and there are no side effects or addictive qualities.

What symptoms can they be used for?
Many people use them during times of stress, anxiety, fear, uncertainty, grief, shock, irritability, lack of confidence, trauma, resignation and much more.

How to take Bach Flower Essences?
The mixture you receive from your practitioner will be prepared specifically for you based on your current emotional state. The mixture can have up to 7 essences combined. Usually, this is prescribed as four drops on the tongue four times a day for a period of 4-6 weeks.

How will I feel whilst taking the Essences?
The emotional shifts that one may experience after taking the essences are subtle and everyone will respond differently.

What is the difference between Flower Essences and Essential Oils?
Both essences are made from plants, yet their properties are extracted by using different methods and their application is also unique to their healing abilities. Flower essences are prepared in water and are used orally. They address the mental and emotional root cause that may have led to a manifestation of physical symptoms in an individual.

However essential oils are oil-based and aromatic. Their unique active compounds are extracted through distillation and cold pressing and these aromatic chemicals are then mixed with carrier oils. Pure essential oils are often used for physical ailments via inhalation or topical application, they are not safe to be taken orally.

Each essence or holistic therapy has its unique healing properties, it is a matter of finding what works for you and what you may need at a specific time.

Within the tranquil surroundings of Kamalaya Koh Samui Wellness Sanctuary & Holistic Spa, we integrate flower remedies into many of our therapies. Our Flower Remedy Consultation allows a practitioner to explore your emotional and physical state – allowing them to design a remedy formulated specifically to meet your needs.

Contact us to find out more about our holistic approach to your personalised health and wellbeing experiences.

Kamalaya Heilpraktikerin Leila Abachi

Geschrieben von: Leila Abachi, Heilpraktikerin im Kamalaya Koh Samui


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